כבל KVM לחיבור מקלדת, עכבר ומסך
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KVM cable length of 1.8 m is used to connect a keyboard, monitor and mouse, and is compatible with switches KVM over IP DKVM-IP8. DKVM-IPVUCB - cable set "two in one", which includes on the one hand the VGA (15-pin HDD «Dad") to connect to the video card, cable USB 2.0 (with built-in USB) to connect to the USB -port computer, and on the other side of the connector SPHD (Single connector for keyboard, mouse and monitor) to connect to the DKVM-IP8. Cable DKVM-IPVUCB cable is "all-in-one" and allows you to save space on the desktop by combining multiple cables in a bundle. Each cable has a color code (PC99), which ensures proper connection.

מאפיינים כללים

Main characteristics
• Length of 1.8 m
• Cable "All-in-one" color coding
Keyboard and mouse
• USB 2.0 connector black
• 15-pin VGA «Daddy" - Blue (PC side)
Single connector for keyboard, mouse and monitor to switch KVM over IP
• 15-pin SPHD - yellow (from Switch KVM over IP)
Rated supply voltage
• 300 V

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• 148 g




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