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1 MP modular network camera with PoE, WDR, color imaging in low light and microSD card slot

Installs Anywhere
This tiny camera can easily be placed in walls or ceilings, or in tight corners, and the 15 meter camera cable gives you a wealth of installation options.

High Quality Footage
The DCS-1201 camera may be small, but it delivers HD video at 720P, giving you a sharp image with the detail you need.

Simple to Maintain
The DCS-1201 is a stand-alone system with a built-in CPU, requiring no special hardware or software. The DCS-1201 can be viewed and managed through most web browsers, including Internet Explorer.

Supports a Variety of Platforms
With support for TCP/IP networking, HTTP, and other Internet related protocols, the DCS-1201 can also be integrated easily into other Intranet applications because of its standards-based features. The DCS-1201 works with any 10/100 Ethernet network, making the DCS-1201 easy to integrate into your existing network environment.

Advanced Event Management
The DCS-1201 can be set up to send e-mail notifications with snapshots when an event occurs, such as when motion is detected. Events can be triggered from several sources, such as motion detection and time based events.

PoE (Power over Ethernet) for Flexible Installation
The DCS-1201 can draw all the power it needs from a PoE switch or PoE injector for a simple and clutter-free installation.

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