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The DCS-210 D-ViewCam Standard multifunctional software is an integrated surveillance system for corporate users. This software provides the ability of centralized management and viewing up to 8 cameras and it is compatible with the current D-Link IP cameras and video servers. DCS-210 provides monitoring and recording of video, audio and events used in various applications to ensure security. Moreover, the software provides users with a wide range of video recording, playback and real-time viewing features.
Real-time monitoring and centralized management
The DCS-210 multifunctional software provides centralized control of up to 8 cameras and real-time displaying. "E-Card" application allows you to create maps based on the location and position of the camera. All connected cameras are displayed for easy viewing in the tree of devices. Additional features, such as patrol, rotate, zoom and focus, provide optimal control in the conduct of surveillance.
Video Recording & Playback
The DCS-210 multifunctional software offers scheduled, motion and manual recording options to meet specific user demands. Recorded files can be searched according to video type or selected within the user interface for playback, editing, or AVI/ASF file conversion.
Event Action Configuration
Event Action provides enhanced surveillance and security by detecting events from smoke detectors, magnetic door sensors, emergency buttons, cameras, card readers, or other I/O devices. Start by connecting any of these devices to the I/O connector of a compatible D-Link network camera. When an event occurs, a notification is immediately sent to D-ViewCam Video Management Software. D-ViewCam then notifies you either by e-mail or an audio alert.
Video & System Database Backup
The D-ViewCam Standard Software’s Playback function allows users to load and play a recorded file on a Windows PC. D-ViewCam Standard Software allows users to monitor a live feed on one computer while watching a recorded file on another. The DCS-210 also provides a utility (DB-Tool) to reconstruct, repair or relocate the databases in a local drive, external drive or network drive. It also supports the import/export of configuration files – enabling users to synchronize surveillance settings across devices.
Compatibility with third-party CMS (Central Management System)
CMS (Central Management System) allows you to manage network cameras, in any quantity, providing simultaneous operation of an unlimited number of workstations. The CMS is a feature-rich solution for large-scale projects, its use in the municipal surveillance system helps to prevent illegal acts and protects government organizations and businesses operating on an international level. It is compatible with the CMS software D-ViewCam Standard provides comprehensive protection. 

General features

Camera Support
• Supports up to 8 cameras
• Megapixel network camera support
Video Compression
• MJPEG/MPEG-4/H.264 compression format
Software Features
• Working with two monitors
• Full screen
• OSD (On-screen Display) setting
• Live monitoring
• 30 FPS maximum recording per camera
• Automatic discovery of network cameras
• Multilingual support
• On-the-fly configuration changes
• Auto restart
• SMS notifications
• Lock system to prevent unauthorized user access
System User Management
• User Validation
• User Password Restriction
• User Profiling
• Access Privilege Control
• Supports multiple storage locations
• Record by schedule
• Record by event
• Digital watermark protection
• Pre-record/Post-record support
• Manual recording support
• One-way audio recording of multiple channels
• Record and live display at different frame rates and resolution
Data Search and Playback
• Video playback control
• Smart search
• Histogram quick search method for videos
• Video date/time stamp
• Extract snapshots from video
• Extract video to AVI/ASF
• Supports remote playback/web playback
Video Mode
• Screen division layout support
• Monitor display allows for drag and drop of videos
• Supports full screen video
• Information window support
• Enable Move function to control a P/T/Z camera
• Digital zoom in/out support
• Duplicate camera
• Supports remote live viewing to display video
Map Mode
• Multiple map support
• Alarm notification
• Customized map background support
• Camera preview
• Camera and I/O indicator
PTZ Control
• Auto Pan
• Manual control
• Preset positions (device dependent)
• Preset patrolling
• Multiple patrol group support 
I/O Feature
• Digital output control
• Digital Output
• Turning the camera to a preset position by the digital input signal from external sensors
• Sending an SMS by the digital input signal
• Sending messages CMS by the digital input signal
• E-mail Alerts
• Backup database for logs and videos
• Import/Export configuration
• Burn backup files to DVDs on Windows XP
• Automatic backup
• Device Pack support
• Compatible with D-Link NVR
• Compatible with the third-party Central Management System (CMS)
• Supports D-Link DWM-152-A3/156-A3/156-A6 3,5G/3,75G adapter
• Compatible with D-Link network cameras (for more information about the compatibility list, please visit www.dlink.ru)
• The program for remote viewing in real time (Remote Live Viewer)
• Playback system
• Backup System
• DB Tool utility for database maintenance
• Verification Tool utility (check tool)
• Remote Desktop
Minimum System Requirements*
• CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E5300
• RAM: 2 GB
• Motherboard: Intel P55, H55, X58, P45, P43 chip, MB vendor ASUS Gigabyte or MSI with Intel Chipset recommended
• Video card: ATI Radeon 4650 or above (ATI Driver V11-2 recommended)
• Ethernet: 100Base-T or above, Gigabit LAN recommended
• Hard Disk**: 250 GB or above
• Operating system: 
  32 bits: MS Windows XP pro SP3/ Vista SP1/ Win 7 SP1
  64 bits: Win 7 SP1/ Win Server 2008 R2
* To determine the minimum hardware requirements for your planned surveillance system if it is not listed in the above table, please consult the SI (system integrator), the reseller, or D-Link Technical Support. 
** Recording video over a long period of time will consume large amounts of disk space. Make sure that you have enough disk space if you want to use the recording function.


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