מתג מנוהל 8 פורטים ג'יגהביט Layer2, כ-2 פורטים 1000BASE-T/SFP Combo, תמיכה ב IPv6.
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As a compact switch, the DGS-3200-10 8-port Managed Layer 2 switch is perfect for the small business or home office with limited space.

The DGS-3200-10 Managed Gigabit Switch offers a new generation of intelligence and defense with high-performance, flexibility, and robust security. This switch secures your network from viruses using its ACL, IMPB (IP-MAC-Port Binding) and Safeguard Engine functions. The DGS-3200-10 is a compact switch built with a fan-less technology to emit less heat and noise than standard switches. With its 11" footprint, the DGS-3200-10 is ideal for any office environment with limited space.

Comprehensive Security
The DGS-3200-10 offers a complete list of endpoint security features, bringing confidence and assurance to your network. It executes firm network security and comes with user-based identity control by implementing host-based 802.1x authentication/authorization, along with clientless Web-based Access Control (WAC) and MAC-based Access Control (MAC) for easy deployment. The incorporation of sophisticated ACL user-defined functionality secures your network against viruses and worms while innovative IP-MAC-Port Binding prevents ARP spoofing and man-in-middle attacks by recognizing malicious users who falsify their IP or MAC address, assuring administrators that the IP information on the syslog server or firewall log is always correct. Other security features like port security and traffic segmentation provide granular control to business environments, allowing administrators to enhance network security.

For clients with Windows® XP SP3, Windows Vista®, or servers with Windows Server 2008, the DGS-3200-10 works in conjunction with the Microsoft® Network Access Protection (NAP) as part of an ecosystem that enforces compliance with network health policies. The switch will grant network host access only if it complies with IT security policies such as up-to-date anti-virus signatures and operating system patches. This prevents an infected client or server from gaining access and further contaminating the network. D-Link combines NAP with the D-Link® ZoneDefense™ technology for joint security that provides admission control and real-time defense. The D-Link ZoneDefense technology allows businesses to integrate the switch with D-Link NetDefend™ firewall to implement full coverage with a proactive security architecture.

IPv6 and IPv4 Technology
The DGS-3200-10 provides current IPv4 networks with a simple migration path to IPv6 and protects your investment for future network upgrades when greater security and larger addressing are required. The IPv6 multicast host, the latest in protocol technology, enables maximum hardware performance. MLD snooping enhances efficiency in selective distribution by forwarding multicast data to receiving ports, rather than flooding all ports in a VLAN. Features such as ACL based on IPv6 flow label and traffic class, as well as QoS-based on IPv6 help provide faster and an efficient service. IPv6 Management supports Web, telnet and SNMP.

Reliance/Performance Enhancement
To enhance network resilience, the DGS-3200-10 provides Spanning Tree protocols including 802.1D, 802.1w, and 802.1s for redundant bridge paths. Link Aggregation provides aggregated bandwidth between switches or servers to increase redundancy for higher availability. Quality of Service (QoS) incorporates multilayer functions that support 8 queues including 802.1p priority and packet classification based on TOS, DSCP, MAC, IP, VLAN ID and L4 TCP/UDP ports, enabling Internet voice, video and streaming media applications to run smoothly. The switch also provides a Safeguard Engine for network protection to increase the switch’s reliability, serviceability and availability.

Traffic Control
Network administrators can define throughput levels for each port to allocate its essential bandwidth. Broadcast storm control and flow-based bandwidth control can reduce the level of damage from virus attacks or P2P applications to the network.

Single IP Management
To simplify and speed up your management tasks, multiple switches can be configured, monitored and maintained from any workstation running a web browser through one, unique IP address. This virtual stack is managed as a single object, having all units maintained by one IP address. Up to 32 D-Link switches, each supporting Single IP Management, can be managed under a single IP Address.


מאפיינים כללים

• 8-port 10/100/1000BASE-T Gigabit
• 2 combo ports 10/100/1000BASE-T/SFP
• Console RS-232 DB-9

• Size MAC Address Table: 8K
• Switching matrix: 20Gbit / s
• Speed ​​forwarding 64-byte packets: 14,88 Mpps
• Transmission Method: Store and Forward
• Buffer size: 128 KB

Flow Control
• On the basis of standard 802.3h in full duplex mode
• Method of Back Pressure in half duplex

Diagnostic Lights
• Power (per device)
• Console (per device)
• Link / Activity / Speed ​​(on port 10/100/1000BASE-T)
• Link / Activity / Speed ​​(on port SFP)

• Virtual Stacking:
- Support for D-Link Single IP Management
- Combining the virtual stack of up to 32 devices

Layer 2 features
• MAC Address Table: 16K
• Flow Control
- Flow control 802.3h
- HOL Blocking Prevention
• Size Jumbo-frames up to 10 240 bytes
• IGMP Snooping
- IGMP v1/v2/v3 Snooping
- Support for 256 groups
- IGMP Snooping Host-Based Fast Leave
- Data Driven Multicast
- IGMP Authentication
• MLD Snooping
- MLD v1/v2 Snooping
- Support for 256 groups
• Spanning Tree Protocol
- 802.1D-2004 Edition STP
- 802.1w RSTP
- 802.1s MSTP
- Filtering BDPU
- Root Restriction
• Loopback Detection Function
• 802.3ad Link Aggregation: Max. 12 groups per device / 8 ports per group
• Port mirroring
- One-to-One
- Many-to-one
- Mirroring on the basis of traffic

• 802.1Q Tagged VLAN
• Group VLAN:
- Max. 4094 VLAN
- Max. 255 Dynamic VLAN
• Protocol VLAN 802.1v
• MAC-Based VLAN
• VLAN Trunking
• Private VLAN

Quality of Service (QoS)
• Quality of Service 802.1p
• 8 queues per port
• Processing queues:
- Strict
- Weighted Round Robin (WRR)
• CoS based on:
- Switch Port
- 802.1p Priority Queues
- MAC address
- IPv4/IPv6-adresov
- Non TCP / UDP port
- Type of protocol
- Class of IPv6 traffic
- IPv6 flow labels
- The contents of the package, a user-defined

Access Control Lists (ACL)
• Up to 200 Access Rules
• ACL based on:
- 802.1p priority
- MAC address
- IPv4/IPv6-adresa
- Type of protocol
- Non TCP / UDP port
- Class of IPv6 traffic
- IPv6 flow labels
- The contents of the package, a user-defined
• ACL on the basis of time
• CPU Interface Filtering
• Statistics ACL

• SSH v2
• SSL v1/v2/v3
• Port Security: up to 64 MAC addresses per port
• Office of broadcast / multicast / unicast storm
• Traffic Segmentation
• IP-MAC-Port Binding
- Checking the ARP packets
- Check the IP packet
- DHCP Snooping
- Supports up to 512 entries per device address
• D-Link Safeguard Engine
• Microsoft ® NAP
- Support for 802.1X NAP (IPv4/IPv6)
- Support for DHCP NAP (IPv4)
• DHCP Server Screening
• Filtering DHCP-client
• Preventing ARP Spoofing Attacks

• 802.1X
- Access control based on port
- Access control based on hostname
- Dynamic VLAN Assignment
• Access to Web-based
- Access control based on port
- Access control based on hostname
- Dynamic VLAN Assignment
• Access control based on MAC addresses
- Access control based on port
- Access control based on hostname
- Dynamic VLAN Assignment
• Multiple Authentication
• Guest VLAN
• Authentication for access control
- Support for RADIUS and TACACS +
• Maintain RADIUS accounting

• Web-interface (Support IPv4/v6)
• Command Line Interface (CLI)
• Telnet (support IPv4/v6)
• TFTP-Client (support IPv4/v6)
• X-modem
• Z-modem
• SNMP v1/v2c/v3 (Support IPv4/v6)
• SNMP Trap
• RMON v1:
- Support for Groups 1, 2, 3, 9
• RMON v2
- Support groups ProbeConfig
• BootP / DHCP-client
• DHCP automatically
• DHCP Relay Option 82
• Support for the two versions of the software
• Support for the two versions of the configuration
• Monitoring CPU
• ICMPv6
• Finding neighbors of IPv6 D-Link Green
• Power-saving mode
- Link Down Status (No connection)
- Determining the length of cable
RoHS Compliant 6

• Cable Diagnostics

MIB / IETF ® Standard
• RFC1213 MIB II
• RFC4188 Bridge MIB
• RFC1907 SNMPv2 MIB
• RFC1757, 2819 RMON MIB
• RFC2021, RMONv2 MIB
• RFC1643, 2358,2665 Ether-like MIB
• RFC2674 802.1p MIB
• RFC2233, 2863 IF MIB
• RFC2618 MIB RADIUS authentication client
• RFC2925 Ping & Traceroute MIB
• RFC2620, MIB RADIUS client account
• D-Link Private MIB
• RFC768 UDP
• RFC791 IP
• RFC793 TCP
• RFC826 ARP
• RFC854 Telnet
• RFC951, 1452 BootP
• RFC2068 HTTP
• RFC2139, 2866 RADIUS accounting
• RFC1157 SNMPv1
• RFC1901, 1908 SNMPv2c
• RFC2570, 2575 SNMPv3
• RFC3021 31-bit prefixes
• RFC2460 IPv6
• RFC4861 IPv6 Neighbor Discovery
• RFC4862 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration
• RFC4443 ICMPv6
• RFC1981 definition of the path MTU IPv6
• RFC5095 Deprecation of Type 0 Routing Headers in IPv6

נתונים פיזיים

• Power Input: 100-240 VAC Tues, 50-60Hz

• 280 x 180 x 43 mm

• Gross: 2.7 kg
• Net: 1.69 kg

• No fans

• Operating temperature: 0 ˚ to 40 ˚ C
• Storage temperature: -40 ˚ to 70 ˚ C

• 5% to 95% noncondensing

• 726 077 h

Power consumption
• 20.9 W (Max)

Heat release
• 71,3 BTU / hour

Electromagnetic compatibility
• FCC, CE, VCCI Class A, C-Tick

• UL, CB Report




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