כבל מקלדת / עכבר / מסך עבור סדרת מתגי DKVM-IP באורך 1.8 מטר


D-Link KVM solution
KVM-cable DKVM-IPCB 1.8 m is designed to connect a keyboard, monitor and mouse and is compatible with switches KVM over IP D-Link. The cable has connectors for keyboard and mouse (6-pin mini DIN «Daddy") and a connector for monitor (15-pin HD «Dad"). There is also a single connector for connection to SPHD switch KVM over IP.

Save space on your desktop
Cable DKVM-IPCB cable is "all-in-one" and allows you to save desk space by combining multiple cables in a bundle. Each cable has its own color-coded (PC99), which ensures proper connection. Also, each cable has a special screen with a ferrite core, which reduces the electromagnetic (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).

מאפיינים כללים

Cable "All-in-one" color-coding
• keyboard
• 6-pin mini DIN «Dad" - Violet (from PC)

• 6-pin mini DIN «Dad" - Green (from PC)

• 15-pin HD «Dad" - Black (from PC)

A single connector for keyboard, mouse and monitor to the KVM over IP switch
• 15-pin SPHD - Blue (from the switch, KVM over IP)




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