ממיר IP לטלויזיה- עבור שידורים על גבי הרשת (IPTV)
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The DIB-110 is designed for broadband service providers to deliver high-quality, triple-play services.  With highly flexible architecture and advanced codec, the DIB-110 is a hybrid set-top box (STB) for IP-based and DVB-x (Digital Video Broadcast) applications.  With an Ethernet port linked to the broadband CPE, the DIB-110serves as a home entertainment portal for consumers to enjoy interactive multimedia services together with the television and stereo system via a variety of interfaces.

Using the remote controller by following the user-friendly on-screen TV user interface, it is easy to install and setup the DIB-110. With streaming contents from service providers, the DIB-110 is able to work with leading IPTV Middlewares and other head-end systems. With the powerful system-on-chip (SoC), the DIB-110 supports various audio/video streaming formats such as MP3, WMA, AAC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, VC-1, and H.264 (H.264). 

In addition to video/audio streaming from content provider, the embedded web browser provided by DIB-110 allows users to easily select their VOD/IPTV titles/channels and surf selected internet web sites. Beyond that, the powerful DIB-110 architecture also allows service providers to integrate more value-added features such as PVR, VoIP, video phone, online gaming and e-commerce.

The DIB-110 is designed with a compact, stylish form factor, which can fit elegantly into the living room environment and is cost effective to enable service providers to maximize their ARPUs

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Main Features:

Support VOD and multicast IPTV

Extensive A/V media format support: ( Standard definition )

n  MPEG-1 Laye r 1/2/3

n  PCM

n  AC-3 Dolby Digital

n  AAC, AAC+

n  MPEG-2

n  MPEG-4 Part 10 (H.264)

n  VC-1


Embedded browser for web surfing and on-screen function navigation, Flash and Java support is optional.

Flexible audio and video output via cable options:

n  Composite

n  S-Video

n  Component

n  SCART (for Europe)

n  Stereo Audio

n  Digital Audio via S/PDIF

n  HDMI ( Optional )


Support a variety of middleware and head-end equipments

USB interface to connect with external storage or peripherals


Optional features

n  DVB-T/S/C

n  IR Keyboard

n  Smart Card Reader


n  PVR

n  VoIP, Video Phone



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