DMC-1001/DCמיועד לפרויקטים

ספק כח DC ליתירות עבור מארז ממירים DMC-1000


Module backup DMC-1001 for the DMC-1000 chassis ensures uninterrupted operation of media converters installed in the chassis. To improve reliability, the chassis can be equipped with two modules DMC-1001. In this case, the load will be distributed between the two power sources and the output of one of them fails, another immediately take over 100% load without any loss. Similarly, if one power supply is removed from the chassis, you can disable and remove from the chassis without loss of performance.

• Protection: Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection.
• Power distribution and redundancy.
• The signal failure of the fan: the power supply module will alert beep on possible fan failure. The refusal is based on reducing the fan speed.

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